Through the four seasons of vegetables、Delicious dining table to everyone、It will deliver a good time!
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I planted potatoes!

Hello everyone! Hoping the charge of clean up and the spring and summer vegetables now winter vegetables in the farm of Magnolia obovata field。 This time is the time that vegetables is less to say that the transitional period every year。 While you give me the rest of your vegetables set、In fact, the field is very busy! There are so。 Or the potted seedlings or planting of potatoes、Covering the ... winter vegetables is clean up the fields or the sowing in a multi-prepare for the soil making encourage the degradation in such a way that Tapingu。 Farm length Masato is finally handmade than wanted a tool to "broad fork" previous、I tried to use to try。早速壊れたのですが修理して またトライ! 「ブロードフォーク」とは土中の生き物を生かしたまま土をほぐす道具だそうで 欧米の小規模オーガニックファーマーではよくつかわれているそうです。 Small is better, but below the photo is how's nelco who has live in the blue market events of 3/10 ★ that day is Marche event of "I of life" was canceled due to bad weather was a store openings planned in various locations It had been held the market and events。 We we did not store openings planned, but we go to visit blue market and plantation Te to with Dinner's a meaning of cheer 3.11、After the earthquake I think we've been running felt a lot of things, but of society through the events the way、That of energy、I think that I got the opportunity to reconsider the people and the people of involvement。 This is at Basara House 3/29, I went to play to Nidom sponsored mintar event ★ ~ old&modernsの演奏★よかったです~ 子どもたちがDJブースに群がる図! 大人がやさしく見守ってありがたや~ 踊りたかった方すみません~ 大人も子供も関係なく集って音楽や太極拳や美味しい食事をたのしみました! 月イチのイベントらしいのでFacebookやインスタを要チェック! 来月も遊びにいくぞ~ 各地で起こるムーブメントというか、The action force of the people I also have been inspired! Or tell you that you think、Act and will want to Do - detail or will write next time。 Satomi

thank you for egi &guided

Hello everyone is after a long time of post。 From the person who became your acquaintance I remembered that this year would have been said that I read the blog to excuses "- I'm not very updated," I thought I want to update to the beans the other day。 Really these days become forgetful、Also surprised by yourself。 Also a past blog I read a little back、Did wrote me such a thing? ! But I was surprised with the、Because really it was so、I remembered with confidence。 Today went to the toilet to drink tea to forget completely that you have returned to take a lap on the job at home、Well I am about remembered Good luck with what has been why back。 Now、The first time of my home of the big event this year is "Mr. Egi's Guillem thank you" of the title is that friends from France came to play。 And pounding from before coming、I was ready to welcome the whole family。 Anymore it is that tidy up the room you are messy, but now clean with it ... thanks。 Story that dates back 3 years ago、Open field was staying in a cafe they told me to come for the first time to my home to the support of agriculture、Hit it off and that time scared、 We learned that there is a communicate surgery more than words。 Clumsy full operation to the English "Smile I'm common language" I had to tell them that a lot of。 Two people a couple、Warm and very field of view and soul widely since has traveled all over the world。 To run a hotel in France、We also wedding and farms are operating, but the off-season because winter is piled up snow。 Or the Aikido came to Japan in the meantime、It is said that to stay in the place of a friend。 During the stay to our place is farm work, of course、It was a special day also good at cooking me to feast。Tari me also describes the differences of culture and perception of each other、 We made some thinking also about society。 I will sometimes dangerous implications because say the while feeling in English to it to make fun of、Everyday that a good laugh at all。 It is remembered laughter likely。 Because mon speak while also thinking Masato、Though grandfather was as if they had forgotten the words。 Olden days、But it had been halfway to speak English、I have become very suspicious wording if not used for a while。 Okay in such us、They who will accept。 Understand you so that if you look at the photo of the beginning、Every day children are made together even rice look forward to play together、It was really fun for one week。 It was also rice cake。 Bonfire was also me made even I was a hotbed! Me also take a lot of nice pictures! thank you egi and guiem see you! miss you! Satomi

happy New Year!

This year everyone Happy New Year We also would appreciate your favor。 Photos Yufu、Tsurumi、Takasaki is the field of a superb view overlooking。This Yufu called Bungofuji。 ~ I make the tour because we want the field also to introduce to you this year! Moon is being planned at a time Saturday。 Who'd please contact us to be worried about! This winter seems to warm the day is that many vegetables are too grew up in the early。 2month、3Fall potatoes (Andes Red so vegetables do not go away that can be shipped to the moon、Dejima)、Sweet potato (red much), such as by storing the ginger、In addition radish、Turnip、Mesclun of sowing also gave an additional! It introduces a new cuisine that this time the eldest son has made! Fry the Chirimenjako in Chirimenjako fried - 1. olive oil - Cub。 2.Cut strain (Photo Quruli also red) and fry put。 3.Season with soy sauce and stir-fried crepe until burning to a crisp。 It is perfect to accompany a simple idea - rice。 Despite in the diet too delicious yesterday、 3It was added making times。 And this year's first event opening! Is the vegetables sold in live at Basara House of Beppu。I'm happy Do ~ fun Do not live in the ~ favorite musicians Nante bring the vegetables a little interesting ...。Please do put all means always be teaser - everyone from Masaya's who Hirai that who have good friends。 For more details, we are up at the News page。  


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