Through the four seasons of vegetables、Delicious dining table to everyone、It will deliver a good time!

Vegetables set (scheduled flights, one-off flights)

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Every day of the dinner table the delicious vegetables of Magnolia obovata field。

Richness of life that leads the field、It is set to be felt the joy

Fun bonus:Delicious way to eat and recent state of the field、It spelled, such as day-to-day of Magnolia obovata field "Magnolia obovata field news" from time to time issue in! !

M set ¥ 2980 (including shipping)

8Extent to 13。Photo is an example of a late April。

Big Spring root、Ginseng、sunny lettuce、Romaine lettuce、Mesclun such、Kokabu、Ephraim grass、SensujiKyo mizuna、Snap peas、Garlic buds ... etc

S set ¥ 1980 (including shipping)

180706Vegetable set S

61-8 extent。Photo is an example of early July。

Sweet basil、Jew、Mini Tomato、Spinach、Yotsuba cucumber、Long eggplant、Potatoes (Andes Red or Kitaakari)、Sweet corn ... etc


By day、The contents will change。But please let us know in advance if you have any inedible things。

Yet、Between seasons (spring and fall twice), there is a case where I am allowed to carry out the rest by the situation。In that case, we will contact you in advance。

For special case of "vegetables set" Shipping
Distant customers Kanto、Hokuriku、northeast、Hokkaido and Okinawa is required 300 yen plus
Cool Rates(Summertime) Summer the hot season because of the quality retention、It makes use of the cool flight。Separately ¥ 216 (the case of size 80 of cardboard (including tax) ※ depending on the size of the box、And some up and down。

how to order

EmailOr Please tell me the following items in the FB message
·name、Street address、phone number
- your choice of set contents (S · M)
- your choice of delivery frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, one-time) and delivery date (Tuesday-Friday) ※ Kanto and Okinawa will be delivered (Wednesday-Saturday)
And delivery of time specification is also available (in the morning、14-16Time、16-18Time、18-20Time、19-21Time)

In the case of scheduled flights、At the time of delivery will be next month to put the invoice to be charged one month worth collectively because (one or more of the one-off flights month is enclosed bill at that time)、Please transfer to a specified account。
Please feel free to contact us to If you have any questions 090-7472-0948 (Hayashida)!

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