Through the four seasons of vegetables、Delicious dining table to everyone、It will deliver a good time!
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Rice plant

... It is after a long time of posting but was found to have not written for a while。

Once again、Happy New Year。 We will continue to work hard so that the fun and dining table is rich to deliver to ~ everyone to make a delicious vegetables this year! Thank you。 Than the end of the year、We toured the price and quality diligently go to the vegetable corner because hear from a lot of people, "I super vegetables is higher."。 "It's really! 'S 500 yen lettuce、Who Yaro buy -。"What surprised with the feeling。 Although most cases this time origin should be of annual highs because mono's no state in snow country、It is particularly high unlikely this year。 But Well、We are selling vegetables, but fun because that would lose in such a place is determined only by price, vegetables、Affinity with agriculture and growers、Recipes Ya、Put also what kettle and letter、I mean that there is today supported by always a lot of people ask to receive the customer。 Everyone means because I'll do my best in the future、Please, eat delicious vegetables -。 Really appreciate - to the people and give to those who receive grateful even when high even when the market is cheap。 Well winter of work "chaff Khuntan" making! Or use the rice by carbonization in nursery、Use with or sown in the field。 The advantage is so a lot! For more information can be found in the modern agriculture January issue of Nobunkyo! End If you are interested by all means ☆ last year did a rice cake with in my home for the first time millstone。 And helper family came、Why was Toriokonai in two days in a row -。 It was fun、It was delicious。 "Such Nobiru rice cake for the first time!" And children delight。 Also I want the absolute end of the year、... - Kagami Mochi want per lot if get it, make big while I think so! Is the impression that。 And also with in a rice cake with a machine because of it, but it continued to make delicious few days Zenzai of Kagamibiraki do not have enough rice cake, of course、Rice cakes and miso ball in order to eat a good breakfast to not stand because it was delicious addition to ... the morning cold kitchen with even the next day! It has become to be Zenzai also bonus that -、 Great food I mochi is! Also persevere to eat rice cakes tomorrow。 And I am still curry After a while too New Year。   Kotokoto was Special Curry unpleasant - delicious stewed in anything and everything on top of the wood-burning stove。... But also Toka leftovers that do not put out in person because plus day by day。Last moment I was to dip into the steamed vegetables were left a little。 And tonight is ... fisherman juice! ! Simplicity that does not shine this photo、Desire of fishermen juice because me have caught a mackerel and Arakabu in the men's two people to taste transmitted kana ... of the late afternoon sea。Every weekend fishing to was out does Yaro or I - good soup me -。 Today I was listening been intrigued why the record book and CD of Japanese folk songs in the CD corner of the library in the morning、It is profound。 Again find yourself First hardly know the folk song。 Tidbit even know the song。... remember that the Taoji-chan and aunt singing。 It was then feel、If I like a folk music of Africa。 There is also folk songs written lyrics unknown was ...。 Once upon a time people are farming and brewing、There are a lot of songs sang while fishing、It's there anything interesting in each region。Also intense emotion muffled song in the song of time to get the US。 It has been put thoughts of the people of that time to the folk song that exceeds the time such。 Tips to enjoy every day of life is felt like a lot。 The old days everything manually、I wonder if laughing also met with folk song -。 This year's rice cake did was I - I want to do with rice cake 搗歌。 Looking for interesting folk song、It is going to be a new hobby of this year。 Ah Soresore Dokkoisho -


ほおのき畑のお米を製粉しました品種はヒノヒカリ農薬不使用化学肥料不使用です微粉末に仕上げて頂いたのでお菓子料理にとても使いやすいですシフォンケーキも米粉100%(小麦粉なし)で焼けますしカレーやホワイトソースも米粉と水で溶いたものをとろみとして使うととってもおいしくて簡単です天ぷらやフライの衣にすると小麦粉よりも油を吸わないのでヘルシーですニラのチヂミやお好み焼きにもおすすめ!クレープも◎ 500グラム入り(チャック付袋)税込 540円です。 40袋限定販売いたしますご注文されたい方はお気軽にお問い合わせください野菜セットと合わせて送って欲しいという方もOKです発送予定日の前日までにご連絡くださいね

デカ大根 重さ当て大会(2/10まで)

ジャジャーン♪ 大根畑の片付けをしてたらこんなのが!「これは例の写真(○田酵素的な)をとらねば!」っちゅうことでパシャリさて問題この大根はいったい何キロ(○.○kg)でしょう? 正解に一番近かった方にお米を5kgプレゼント~!! 応募期間は2/10まで。2/11に当選した方へ連絡を入れさせて頂きますメールやFBメッセージ電話(090-7472-0948)などでご応募下さい お待ちしてまーす!! 追伸お米は普通にご購入もできます!まだ在庫に余裕ありますよろしかったらどうぞ! 玄米 600円/1kg   15000円/1袋(30kg)※お得です精米 650円/1kg ※7分づきなどお好みの精米度合いにできます


Turnip beauty ★ Ayame-chan

Morning、We we have been getting cold night。 Autumn than my home kitchen、Beautiful vegetables - turnip of winter vegetables! Now the time、Turnip of Magnolia obovata fields are available whole delicious because the skin soft and leaves state is good。Turnip has two cultivation and "Iris snow," "Swan"。   Perfect for vinegar because the home of the popular menu "vinegared of turnip" Ayame snow is slightly colored。 The recipe is very easy! Thinly slice the turnip、And the salt (which may be pump priming) put a little。During、soup stock、Sugar (also in the endless boiled mirin)、vinegar、Soy sauce、Squeezing the Kabosu and citron in taste。Together with the combined vinegar squeeze tightly a turnip that was tender、Acclimate。Also standing greens if you put in the refrigerator! I was eating Morimori while referred to as the "turnip sushi ★" children wrapped in rice。 Shirokabura "Swan" is soft and sweet。Cut into comb peeled the thin skin、Raw, PacPac! Best to trot also yo ~ cooked food is also delicious salad! Side dish of cooked rice and vegetables。"Dad、Thank you for making delicious rice! Saying "、Every day you get rice was taken last year。At last、The rice dried over had taken leave of rice、Surprised delicious as novice! personnel、time、I can not dried over all in the convenience of field、My God happy taste the gratitude of which get the blessing of Otentosama and everyone。If you could tell something to the children、The life itself of nature and fields I think that we are When you are told。 Soon harvest this year、It is harvest while asked to help the local people。With delicious rice ball、I will hang on~! Satomi


Show you dare those that do not want to show as a farmer

Celebrated the season of harvest deeper reality ... autumn you want will hide、Also it plans to harvest this weekend at the Magnolia obovata field。 Rice growing to be the second time this year。 From a result、Debacle this year。。。Than last season、Although I planted acreage is equal to or greater than twice、10Of the rice fields that are more sheets、Not suppressed the grass in nearly half of the field、We have a situation that can not be almost harvest。 Despite not enthusiastic'll work hard the initial herbicide、In the important period immediately after the rice planting、Not move while a variety upset ... tactics of removing water (?) Also I do not know the selfish、Will to refrain from、After all the ground is there time is quite that out of the water ... Sonaruto、This field is not used herbicides has become full of barnyard。 And even in rice fields it had been thought that early herbicide was able、And "rush" has been growing at a later time、We have completely defeated the rice。Shimogo of, but I was talking also with people of "village of Toioke"、When this "rush" begins to grow、Been absorbed rice of power、Can only lanky shabby rice。Very cumbersome and so once grows、It seems to have also Oogoto from next year。 The Oichan side of the face there is no ... Nearby to match or is sympathy with the "- I wonder did no good this year."、"Aryaa、So much Ya。Naa is much Yappa herbicide、、、Or been admonished and "。 To Akito's gotten empathetic support What with seedlings making is、There is no face to match really。 It hurts everyone of the line-of-sight hurts ... and until there、Whether there is a need to stick to that you do not use pesticides? Honesty、And until there、Whether there is a need to stick to that you do not use pesticides? It seems that it is the situation should be considered in earnest。 I myself also、Against that use everyone herbicide around、I never think bad。I do not think。Weekdays, usually to go to work (there are many people who have moved to other than the home is also magnolia district)、The farmer work came up to magnolia on the weekend。Summer is the mowing of the law face from morning to evening。To so much、Inherited from the ancestral land、Protect the rice fields、Protect the landscape of the beautiful rice terraces、There are people who are guarding the waterway。Really worthy of respect。When compared to the entire life、Nante do not use or use a herbicide、Tiny things。If you did not if making yourself rice、I also rice that was brought up with the herbicide、Want me grateful。I think so。 Very of the rice development is、I understand the first time try to do it yourself。It would be pesticide-free, but would practice cultivation, but、People who make rice all Elias! But this year I want to try to still challenge、But as a whole it might have been unsuccessful、Not without success tips。In the rice fields with a single、With little weeds、I likely Kogitsuke until harvest。In about half of the rice field、Reasonably possible looks good。The point went wrong this year、It was good point、We were able accumulation of various data。 The feelings of now personal、Even while confronted the harsh reality、Or rather positive or "Let's doing careful in these things next year" or "next year Let's take advantage of the green manure and rice bran"、Or challenging that、I have won that kind of mood ... for now、I'm not going to rely on the herbicide。 Some time、From everyone around, "Oh!I wonder can was good this year、I Ya Naa can also pesticide-free。I also day is said to be doing I wonder if Let's "We will also lot of trial and error dreamed of is coming! You! Last it became a positive sentence (laughs)

Rice field that has become full of barnyard


スタッフの鹿ちゃんではなくリアル鹿です畑の隅で鹿のもとと思しき糞は時々見ていたのですがやはりいましたか・・・ この後私が近づいていくと なんと・・・わざわざ電気柵を飛び越え田んぼに飛び込んでしまいましたじゅっぽ!じゅっぽ!と田んぼの中を飛び跳ねる鹿「あちゃー何でやねん!」 と必死で追い払おうとする私だけど電気柵が怖いようでなかなか外にでてくれません隣接する他の人の田んぼだけには入るなよぉと気を付けつつ間合いを詰めて・・・ ようやく出ていった時には心底ホッとしましたリアル鹿、Pretty big to Hey scary。 One unfortunate announcement at going out the story of the deer also cause such not do Naa ... Bojuu measures from next year。 The other day、Sweet potato, which has begun fat is we were beaten by a wild boar as two-thirds(>_<) Though I thought I'll let you much trouble to eat your glutted ourselves to everyone ... it has become to fatten the wild boar。 I had underestimated the enemy、It is a large reflection。

Deer jumping into the rice field after the


昨年五反程だった田んぼ今年はぐっと増えて一町五反ほどに拡大です!! 米づくり二年目にしていきなり増やし過ぎなのではないのか!? そんなことはうすうす分かっています!! でも近所の方から話が来て自分らがやらないと田んぼが荒れそうだし…一発発起してやることに決めましたそれで本日ようやく稲の種まきをしました。 Morning、朴木小学校のグランドでごそごそと始めていたら… おさっそく近所の方(いつもお世話になっている)が監督に来られましたよ(笑)そして我々のやり方を見るなり一喝 「そいじゃつまらんわ!」(訳そんなやりかたではどうしようもないぞ!) それから電動の種まき機を手配してくれて結局つきっきりで一日一緒に作業を手伝っていただきました途中種籾が足りなくなった時は 「あんしーとあんしーん家に余ったのがまだ残っちょんけん…」(訳あの人とあの人の家に余ったのがまだ残っているから…)とすぐ手配! 途中土が足りなくなった時は 「●●さん方に20体ほど余っちょんけん取り行って来い!」(訳●●さんの家に20袋ほど余っているからもらいに行ってきなさい!)とすぐ手配! あれよあれよという間に二日はかかるだろうと思っていた種まきを 夕方には終えることができましたおまけに準備不十分だった苗の置き床づくりも明朝に手伝っていただけるとのこと… どんだけ世話してくれるんですか… 有難くも申し訳ない気持ちで一杯でぺこぺこしながら帰っていく軽トラを見送りました。   …実は事前に知り合いの先輩有機農家に教えてもらって床土に昨年の温床の土や籾殻燻炭を配合したり薄まき(90g/箱ほど)してなるべく一株の本数を減らす工夫をしようと考えていました結局この企みは実行できず(笑)また分けていただいた肥料入りの育苗培土も使ったことで ”完全なる有機栽培の苗”ではなくなりました。 However、今そんなことにこだわるよりも 僕は地域の方々の親切が嬉しいしいろいろと世話をしていただくことは有難く受け(笑)自分にできることがあれば率先してやるそしてこれからも協力しあって地域の農業を守っていく僕にとってはこんなことの方がはるかに重要だと感じますまぁ結局今年も地域の皆様にお世話になりっぱなしのほおのき畑の田んぼになっちゃってます皆さま本当にありがとうございますいくら感謝しても伝えきれない(Mahito)


「新米農家の新米〜」っていうフレーズがはずかしい感じですが できました! 11月のオーガニックマーケットで試食をお出ししましたが「甘みがあっておいしい♪」と好評でした! 朴木という土地は赤土粘土質で美味しいお米ができると評判の土地柄ですおむすびはとってもおいしいからマーケットでも味わっていただきたいな〜と思っていますおむすび巻寿司炊き込みなどいろいろ作って出店しますので〜 乞うご期待!! 無農薬無化学肥料はもちろんですが今年は無施肥でありますとなりの田んぼのおじちゃんが 「肥料いれんやったんか?!(驚)みまもっとこ〜」 と言われてましたが無事に美味しいお米が沢山とれました田植え前の水路の工役から田植え草取りから水の管理収穫乾燥脱穀保存 一連の作業にどれだけ沢山の方の支援協力激励を受けたことか・・・本当にありがとうございます!太陽さん水さん大地さんお月様沢山の虫や生き物神様も〜 本当にありがたいお米ですおいしいからうれしいから子どもたちも 毎日もりもり食べていますお米の販売もはじめました無農薬玄米¥600/1キロ 精米¥650/1キロ(7分,5,白米)※精米は5キロ以上の注文にご協力下さると幸いです一度食べてみたい!と少量の販売もお受けしますキロ数受け渡し送料等はお問い合わせ下さい


ブログ更新をサボっておりました(笑) ひと月ぶりの投稿になりますのでまずは近況報告から! 【稲刈りひと段落!!】 田起こし苗づくり田植えそして大変だった田の草取り慣れない水管理・・・等を経て ようやく実りの季節を迎えたほおのき畑の田んぼ。         心配された台風19号でしたがそこまで大きな被害もなく通り過ぎてくれました。 6月にみんなで手植えをした田んぼでは一部有志による手刈り収穫&掛け干しが行われました(手元に写真データが無く写真アップできてません) 竹を伐り稲を刈り束ね干す・・・手作業の大変さはあったものの これをみんなでやることの楽しさ喜びも非常に大きかった! この後はコンバインで刈っていったのですが手作業でやることの意味も大いにあると思いました! コンバインでの作業では近くのおいちゃん大先輩がコツを伝授しに駆けつけてくれて 雨が降る前に何とかギリギリ刈り終わることができました!よかった~ 本当にいつもいつもお世話になりっぱなし感謝感謝ですただ・・・ 少し焦っていたのが災いし田んぼに軽トラがはまりこむ事件が発生・・・ 悪戦苦闘の末何とか脱出に成功! 時間のロスは痛かったもののほおのき畑の男衆2人の経験値はアップ・・・です(笑) 初めての収穫となった嬉しい嬉しいお米 明日あたりで試食してみます楽しみだ~♪ 【葉物充実してきました!】 さて10月に入り瑞々しい葉物たちが揃ってきました。         水菜コーラルリーフ(からし菜)、Japan really dishes、arugula、蕪の仲間、Japanese white radish、ラディッシュ、Japanese mustard spinach、、、 (白菜、Ephraim grass、、、等はこれからです) 中でもおすすめなのが「大和真菜」という菜っ葉。         これは奈良地方の伝統野菜なんですが茎が非常に折れやすく一般にはあまり流通していないようです。 5年程前とある種の交換会で佐賀の方から種を分けて頂き作ってみたところ その美味しいこと!柔らかく、Kuseganaku、甘くて・・・ それからというもの当時サラリーマンではありましたが市民農園で毎年育てておりました農家になった今はいろんな方に味わって頂けたら嬉しいなぁという思いで育てていますぜひご賞味あれ♪ 個別配達のお野菜セットも葉物がもりもり入ってきましたよ~



先週末はお田植祭りに多数ご参加いただきありがとうございました! 土曜日は強い雨の為田植えを見合わせ福岡の小学校で「弁当の日」や「教育ファーム」に取り組む稲益先生の講演や交流会となりました鹿ちゃんまっきーのサプライズ結婚式も大成功! 日曜日は何とか手植えによる田植えを決行やっぱり皆で手植えするのって楽しいなぁ!そう実感した一日でしたそして昨日(火曜日)ようやく残りの全ての田植えが完了! 結局1反弱が手植え残りは手押し式の田植え機で使った苗箱は60箱弱だったので植付けした面積はだいたい3反~4反というところかこれから草取りの毎日が待っているのですがとりあえずはひと段落ですさてさて畑の方も作業が山積みだ~!

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