Hello everyone!

And tidying up of the now winter vegetables in the farm of Magnolia obovata field

Hoping the charge of the spring and summer vegetables。

This time is the time that vegetables is less to say that the transitional period every year。

While you give me the rest of your vegetables set、In fact, the field is very busy! There are so。

Or planting of potatoes

Or the potted seedlings、... or the seeding

In a way that winter vegetables over the field in a multi-put away Tapingu

Encourage the decomposition provides for soil building。

Farm length Masato wanted than previous tools "broad fork" finally the

Handmade、I tried to use to try。It was broken immediately and repair

Also try!

So it is a tool to loosen the soil while taking advantage of the soil of the creatures as "broad fork"

It is said that is often used in small-scale organic Farmer of Western。

The photo below state's nelco who has live in the blue market events of 3/10 ★

That day is Marche event of "I of life" is now canceled due to bad weather

Who was opening scheduled in many places had been held a small market and events。

We we did not store openings planned, but we go to visit blue market and plantation Te to with Dinner's a meaning of cheer

3.11、After the earthquake, but I think we've been running felt a lot of things

Nature of society through events、That of energy、I think that I got the opportunity to reconsider the people and the people of involvement。

This is at Basara House

3/29,I went to play to Nidom sponsored mintar events ★ ~

old&moderns playing ★ It was good -

Figure children flock to the DJ booth!

There watching adult gently Niigata and ~

Excuse me, who wanted to dance -

Adults and children also enjoyed gathered by music and Tai Chi and delicious meal no matter!

Check out the Facebook and instant because seems month location of the event!

Next month also Ikuzo to play ~

It means movement that occurs in various places、The action force of the people I also have been inspired!

Or tell you that you think、Action or to continue want to Do -

For more details, you will write next time。