Hello everyone

It is after a long time of post。

From the person who became your acquaintance the other day is said to have read the blog

Would it excuse as "~ I'm not very update"

This year, I remembered that I wanted to update the beans。

Really these days become forgetful、Also surprised by yourself。

Also a past blog I read a little back、Did wrote me such a thing? ! When

Although I was surprised、Because really it was so、I remembered with confidence。

Today forgot that went back to take a lap at home at work

Go to the toilet with a cup of tea、Now whether I've been why back

It is around remembered Good luck。

Now、But is "Mr. Egi's Guillem Thank you" in the title

The first time of my home of the big event this year is that a friend came to play from France。

And pounding from before coming、I was ready to welcome the whole family。

The other it sounds, but it is that tidy up the room you are messy ...

Now clean, thanks。

Story that dates back 3 years ago、Open field was staying in a cafe they are in the support of agriculture

With us come the first time to my home、Hit it off and that time scared、

We learned that there is a communicate surgery more than words。

The clumsy English operating at full capacity to them of "Smile I'm common language."

I had to tell a lot of things。

Two people a couple、Warm and very field of view and soul widely since has traveled all over the world。

To run a hotel in France、But it has also run wedding and plantation

Off-season since the winter piled up snow。

Or the Aikido came to Japan in the meantime、It is said that to stay in the place of a friend。

During the stay to our place is farm work, of course、Also good at cooking me to feast

Special was every day。Tari me also describes the differences of culture and perception of each other、

We made some thinking also about society。

I will sometimes dangerous implications because say the while feeling in English

Doing it to make fun of、Everyday that a good laugh at all。

It is remembered laughter likely。

Because mon speak while also thinking Masato、Though grandfather was as if they had forgotten the words。

Olden days、But it had been halfway to speak English、I have become very suspicious wording if not used for a while。

Okay in such us、They who will accept。

Understand you so that if you look at the photo of the beginning、Every day children are looking forward to play together

Also made with rice、It was really fun for one week。

It was also rice cake。

It was also a bonfire

Hotbed was also me made!

Me also take a lot of nice pictures!

thank you egi and guiem

see you! miss you!