Through the four seasons of vegetables、Delicious dining table to everyone、It will deliver a good time!
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happy New Year!

This year everyone Happy New Year We also would appreciate your favor。 Photos Yufu、Tsurumi、Takasaki is the field of a superb view overlooking。This Yufu called Bungofuji。 ~ I make the tour because we want the field also to introduce to you this year! Moon is being planned at a time Saturday。 Who'd please contact us to be worried about! This winter seems to warm the day is that many vegetables are too grew up in the early。 2month、3Fall potatoes (Andes Red so vegetables do not go away that can be shipped to the moon、Dejima)、Sweet potato (red much), such as by storing the ginger、In addition radish、Turnip、Mesclun of sowing also gave an additional! It introduces a new cuisine that this time the eldest son has made! Fry the Chirimenjako in Chirimenjako fried - 1. olive oil - Cub。 2.Cut strain (Photo Quruli also red) and fry put。 3.Season with soy sauce and stir-fried crepe until burning to a crisp。 It is perfect to accompany a simple idea - rice。 Despite in the diet too delicious yesterday、 3It was added making times。 And this year's first event opening! Is the vegetables sold in live at Basara House of Beppu。I'm happy Do ~ fun Do not live in the ~ favorite musicians Nante bring the vegetables a little interesting ...。Please do put all means always be teaser - everyone from Masaya's who Hirai that who have good friends。 For more details, we are up at the News page。  

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