Through the four seasons of vegetables、Delicious dining table to everyone、It will deliver a good time!
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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Seasonal cuisine

How are you everybody。 Rain I still can not get the progress is followed by work is this time。 I do not know because it is the first day of a three-day weekend, but my home boys to fishing。 Fishing for love two people。 And at night it makes the horse mackerel sushi! Oita grace。 And Shonai pear that I received from a friend has to compote。Tasting is tomorrow。 Wine、Wine had one of the over was not!♪ Choi To taste in the refrigerator、 So we were able compote of wine charged! This season is required to steep the processing, such as pears and chestnuts and figs、You will receive a fruit。 Processing and stuck dishwasher and in parallel between that's the daddy has gotten enjoy bath time with the children! Also Tsukudani building beside bitter gourd morning also ready for breakfast。 I great daughter "hands、And anything can make you Ya I "had to say today。 Today is the day I have children adult jersey shorts、It was a remake of an adult Ron T to the children of the sleepwear dress。Quite a can。 I also I had been asked to make a good clothes to mother。We are now looking forward to utilize gotten old clothes also in friendship。 It is autumn ♪ farm length has worked hard the grass! I'm having problems with Rotari is not applied in the rain。 Encourage in the snack of pear and fig。  

This transitional period、It is sowing rush。

It has been completely Akimei。 It has become chilly day many at the turn of the season。 What stay in everyone Take care。 Sowing rush in Magnolia obovata field! We also have a large selection of the sowing of autumn and winter vegetables! [This summer、Situation of vineyards ...] seems to harvest optimum time of intense heat and summer vegetables tired summer vegetables with low rainfall has came to an end earlier than usual。 until now、I was somehow Shinoge in the rain water, but ... this summer has been brought home the importance of water。 To this opportunity、Or to enhance irrigation facilities、 In addition or sterically design the field to be able to adjust the amount of solar radiation to create a shade taller plants such as sorghum、 It came out to be various and improvement。 Since I had finished summer vegetables as soon as possible、 Firmly doing to prepare for that amount autumn and winter vegetables、 In addition I will do my best so that the delicious things can deliver。 Now something or every day in such a home in the kitchen、And it smells good。 Arekore to devise every day in between seasons、Create delicious。 Continued also!

September 2018
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