How are you everybody。

Rain I still can not get the progress is followed by work is this time。

I do not know because it is the first day of a three-day weekend

Of my home boys to fishing。

Fishing for love two people。

And at night it makes the horse mackerel sushi!

Oita grace。

And Shonai pear that I received from a friend

It was in the compote。Tasting is tomorrow。

Wine、One of the over was not wine

was!♪ Choi To taste in the refrigerator、

So we were able compote of wine charged!

This season, such as pears and chestnuts and figs

Required for rapid processing、You will receive a fruit。

While you are enjoying the bath time with the children to dad's

Processing and stuck in parallel with the dishwasher!

Also Tsukudani building beside bitter gourd morning also ready for breakfast。

I great daughter "hands、Anything can make you Ya ne "

When I was saying today。

Today is the day I have children adult jersey shorts、It was a remake of an adult Ron T to the children of the sleepwear dress。Quite a can。

I also I had been asked to make a good clothes to mother。We are now looking forward to utilize gotten old clothes also in friendship。

It is autumn ♪

Farm length has worked hard the grass!

I'm having problems with Rotari is not applied in the rain。

Encourage in the snack of pear and fig。