It has been completely Akimei。

It has become chilly day many at the turn of the season。
What stay in everyone Take care。

Sowing rush in Magnolia obovata field!

We also have a large selection of the sowing of autumn and winter vegetables!

[This summer、Situation of vineyards ...]
Tired summer vegetables in the intense heat and low rainfall

It seems the harvest proper time of summer vegetables had ended earlier than usual。

until now、I had somehow Shinoge in rain water ...

This summer has been brought home the importance of water。

To this opportunity、Or to enhance irrigation facilities、

Also making a shade taller plants such as sorghum

So as to be able to adjust the amount of solar radiation

Or three-dimensionally design the field、

It came out to be various and improvement。

Since I had finished summer vegetables as soon as possible、

Firmly doing to prepare for that amount autumn and winter vegetables、

In addition, as those can deliver delicious

I will do my best。

Now in such a home kitchen

Every day something or、And it smells good。

To devise every day in between seasons

This and that、Create delicious。

Continued also!