Through the four seasons of vegetables、Delicious dining table to everyone、It will deliver a good time!
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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Mana Yamato (Mana Yamato)

Today I will introduce my favorite vegetables。So delicious! Except for the Mana Yamato (Mana Yamato) in some areas、It may be unfamiliar vegetables。Nara of traditional vegetables、Soft、Kuseganaku、Sweet and、Delicious is characterized by。Yan only good thing! ! If you think、Break stems poke poke immediately、Long shelf life is not good (compared to other leafy、Immediately prone to yellow) there is also disadvantages, such as ... So、I wonder if not apparent in the general sales floor without Nokkara to distribution、We have estimated that。 Encounter with the greens is、Karekore 6, 7 years ago (it was still office worker!)、In seedling exchange meeting in the event that the celebration of Kyushu Yamaguchi of organic farming、And we were introduced to those who are Saga、Was asked to divide the species was an opportunity。 Since then、We have been making every year with a delicious because the home garden。Now is sunny (!?) It became so farmers、As you can also taste all means to you、I make。It is now the season! ! You can cook as though they were delicious way to eat Japanese mustard spinach。To begin with、While fresh、Turn off the moisture and have a quick hot water as spinach and Japanese mustard spinach。To to soak you as it is、Well it is delicious definitely。 Another twist。Tossed what was drained by There are hot water in the sesame oil-based seasoning、To namul。This is I'm a rarity - this is、The idea of ​​Iwata's brainchild of the previous "Iwata's kitchen."。By coated with oil、Deterioration also is prevented、Also worked as a while standing vegetables in the refrigerator。Out of wife、Not only sesame oil、It seems to have taken the way to ... that seasoned when you use Keep Irete in the refrigerator from rapeseed oil and olive oil and the like in the time being glare in hot water purchase was greens。 the above、For your information! By the way ... "Nanohana" of the Mana Yamato Mai Yeah this is again! From around the end of the good than rape blossoms of dedicated varieties for the "field mustard" (laughs) February、I think that coming out。Look forward to ♪

Japan really dishes

Turnip beauty ★ Ayame-chan

Morning、We we have been getting cold night。 Autumn than my home kitchen、Beautiful vegetables - turnip of winter vegetables! Now the time、Turnip of Magnolia obovata fields are available whole delicious because the skin soft and leaves state is good。Turnip has two cultivation and "Iris snow," "Swan"。   Perfect for vinegar because the home of the popular menu "vinegared of turnip" Ayame snow is slightly colored。 The recipe is very easy! Thinly slice the turnip、And the salt (which may be pump priming) put a little。During、soup stock、Sugar (also in the endless boiled mirin)、vinegar、Soy sauce、Squeezing the Kabosu and citron in taste。Together with the combined vinegar squeeze tightly a turnip that was tender、Acclimate。Also standing greens if you put in the refrigerator! I was eating Morimori while referred to as the "turnip sushi ★" children wrapped in rice。 Shirokabura "Swan" is soft and sweet。Cut into comb peeled the thin skin、Raw, PacPac! Best to trot also yo ~ cooked food is also delicious salad! Side dish of cooked rice and vegetables。"Dad、Thank you for making delicious rice! Saying "、Every day you get rice was taken last year。At last、The rice dried over had taken leave of rice、Surprised delicious as novice! personnel、time、I can not dried over all in the convenience of field、My God happy taste the gratitude of which get the blessing of Otentosama and everyone。If you could tell something to the children、The life itself of nature and fields I think that we are When you are told。 Soon harvest this year、It is harvest while asked to help the local people。With delicious rice ball、I will hang on~! Satomi


Show you dare those that do not want to show as a farmer

Celebrated the season of harvest deeper reality ... autumn you want will hide、Also it plans to harvest this weekend at the Magnolia obovata field。 Rice growing to be the second time this year。 From a result、Debacle this year。。。Than last season、Although I planted acreage is equal to or greater than twice、10Of the rice fields that are more sheets、Not suppressed the grass in nearly half of the field、We have a situation that can not be almost harvest。 Despite not enthusiastic'll work hard the initial herbicide、In the important period immediately after the rice planting、Not move while a variety upset ... tactics of removing water (?) Also I do not know the selfish、Will to refrain from、After all the ground is there time is quite that out of the water ... Sonaruto、This field is not used herbicides has become full of barnyard。 And even in rice fields it had been thought that early herbicide was able、And "rush" has been growing at a later time、We have completely defeated the rice。Shimogo of, but I was talking also with people of "village of Toioke"、When this "rush" begins to grow、Been absorbed rice of power、Can only lanky shabby rice。Very cumbersome and so once grows、It seems to have also Oogoto from next year。 The Oichan side of the face there is no ... Nearby to match or is sympathy with the "- I wonder did no good this year."、"Aryaa、So much Ya。Naa is much Yappa herbicide、、、Or been admonished and "。 To Akito's gotten empathetic support What with seedlings making is、There is no face to match really。 It hurts everyone of the line-of-sight hurts ... and until there、Whether there is a need to stick to that you do not use pesticides? Honesty、And until there、Whether there is a need to stick to that you do not use pesticides? It seems that it is the situation should be considered in earnest。 I myself also、Against that use everyone herbicide around、I never think bad。I do not think。Weekdays, usually to go to work (there are many people who have moved to other than the home is also magnolia district)、The farmer work came up to magnolia on the weekend。Summer is the mowing of the law face from morning to evening。To so much、Inherited from the ancestral land、Protect the rice fields、Protect the landscape of the beautiful rice terraces、There are people who are guarding the waterway。Really worthy of respect。When compared to the entire life、Nante do not use or use a herbicide、Tiny things。If you did not if making yourself rice、I also rice that was brought up with the herbicide、Want me grateful。I think so。 Very of the rice development is、I understand the first time try to do it yourself。It would be pesticide-free, but would practice cultivation, but、People who make rice all Elias! But this year I want to try to still challenge、But as a whole it might have been unsuccessful、Not without success tips。In the rice fields with a single、With little weeds、I likely Kogitsuke until harvest。In about half of the rice field、Reasonably possible looks good。The point went wrong this year、It was good point、We were able accumulation of various data。 The feelings of now personal、Even while confronted the harsh reality、Or rather positive or "Let's doing careful in these things next year" or "next year Let's take advantage of the green manure and rice bran"、Or challenging that、I have won that kind of mood ... for now、I'm not going to rely on the herbicide。 Some time、From everyone around, "Oh!I wonder can was good this year、I Ya Naa can also pesticide-free。I also day is said to be doing I wonder if Let's "We will also lot of trial and error dreamed of is coming! You! Last it became a positive sentence (laughs)

Rice field that has become full of barnyard

Seeding in no-till

How about the no-till cultivation? Another middle also October。But still sowing、Planting will continue。 today、Ephraim grass、Japan really dishes、Sowing of Japanese mustard spinach。Since these leafy harvest time is limited、We will continue to sowing divided into several times so that it can be a long period of time reap。 This time、The location where the water eggplant and basil had lush during the summer、Directly try to use in the tillage。That's no-till、It does not break the physical structure of the soil、Whether the capillary phenomenon is easy to work、It has a strong image in the drought。(Plowing in addition to saving you also ridges stand to ... like a time) once、Also seeded only shell blur and organic lime on the surface as basal、The higher the surface 5cm I tried to mix with rake。 Going to the future planting tatsoi and kohlrabi、Or would not not you say that in such Torebisu、Although I think the、What about what is in and direct to the seeding Japanese mustard spinach into the soil? ? ? Let's do it well! Incidentally situation of now of the field、Let's look at a little bit of the current situation of the field。Furuno of field turnips in a place that went down a little mountain from magnolia today、Japanese white radish、Such as carrots (10/5) leafy area (10/15) in now shipping mole is not moving around in the soil to freely、Full of holes Thud。Since the amount of damage does not become a fool、But I want to take the measures something ... or do not know someone a good way? Carrot of weeding (before-) of carrots weeding (after!) Is somehow likely carrots also be delivered this year。 here、In the field of Furuno、Also it is possible to minimize the degree of harm of insect、As a whole I think this When compared to up to (laughs) better。However、In drought was followed by relationship、Watering There were also those that did not grow well in not enough。later、In Mole is that ... that has been rampant in unexpected、It is how much the damage is coming out the future、I am a little worried。Now in、PET bottles of windmill、Made by Miyokkana! Effective against'm Kana -

As it is used in non-tillage the eggplant site

It was organic market end -

Had it coming to a lot of customers today、Oita Organic Market。 Thank you very much! It weather was very crowded, but there was also a little chilly time in cloudy weather -。 There are also events by the same organizer next week! Delicious bread、Otari is a large set! Magnolia obovata field also opened。The theme is "milling"。Furunaga's pesticide-free in the flour of I also Shonai、We have a prototype to bake chiffon cake and bread in Norin 61。If it is a moist now snack with Jimi。Fluffy fairly dust delicious。Chico (flour that can be in Japan、Flour) is all-rounder that can be used for anything! Since there is also the sale of pesticide-free flour in the event、I think I - I want to the introduction of the use recipes。You are also at home flour also of menus and bread How to make the。Feel free to I please come! Magnolia'm in bread and snack making classroom reservation of land powder even in elementary school home economics room -。(For more information we will soon publish in a separate page。) 2015 October 18 (Sunday) The Italian bread and wheat 03 Oasis Atrium Plaza at the theme "milling" producers trying to make a blend wheat, wheat Ask the Pro Chico Get to know the charm * 2014 12 moon bread and wheat project meeting Taiyo flour milling Co., Ltd. "milling" for a description Q & a * 5 May 2015 bread and wheat project Taiyo flour milling Co., Ltd. company tours * July 2015 bread and wheat project conference harvest situation inspection status producers blend About wheat

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